This landscape

Daughter, Daughter dearest, Never.  Ever.  Never ever.  Never ever.NeverneverneverneverneverneverNever will I let go of you.Never will I move on from you.Never in the entirety of this life I still have to live. You were born.  You stayed for a week.And then you died.You went back to the Source. The Source of Love still exists.It wasMeer lezen over “This landscape”

Hannah’s Müdigkeit

Evening falling – A soft lamentingEmptiness cradledThe room despairs. Idle armsIn the rocking chairWhat I loveI cannot hold. There to hold:A bear.  A framed picture.A little blue urnTucked in baby’s bed. Children’s booksForever openedNever read from. On walls a shadow casted –A sapling cut short. The mother staresInto a future in vain.

What you don’t understand

“Hey, how are you?”Your voice sounds happy and cheerful on the phone.  You are my gynaecologist. You know our child died in our arms the day before.I’m trembling.  I’m perplexed.  Flabbergasted.  “This can’t be,” I think to myself.“Good, considering the fact that yesterday our child died in our arms.”“You monster,” is what goes through myMeer lezen over “What you don’t understand”

I (don’t) have a name

I don’t have a name.I don’t know what to do.I am not the person I used to be. Pictures of me smiling, bathing in light, pregnant belly, radiant.Christmas pictures. Us two. No, us three. In love. Walking in nature.Could two people ever be this happy? Ridiculously happy.Happy and contented in the sun.An apparent Sunday’s child.Meer lezen over “I (don’t) have a name”