Forever Jolien’s mom

Dear fellow grievers, I’m Jessie. I’m 32 years old and live in the northern part of Belgium, Europe, with my partner (and soon to be husband) Koen and our two cats Jack and Jeff.

Our baby daughter, our first child, was born a little over four months ago (3/28/19). She died in our arms a week later due to brain damage sustained by oxygen deprivation during labor and a delayed caesarian section.

Our girl’s name is ✨Jolien✨. She’s named after Koen’s father, Johan, who died unexpectedly on holiday in Greece six months to the day before she was born, and after my mother, Linda.

✨Jolien✨ has expanded my heart to an extent I’d never known possible. Her death has broken it.

I could look at this picture for hours on end. .

As you probably already noticed, English is not my native language. However, I want to give writing in a language other than Dutch a try. I truly hope this course can help me put some of the Pain into words.

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